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Wedding in the Netherlands is waiting for you!

Wedding in the Netherlands is waiting for you!
The Company Tours to Holland offers to make honeymoon special discounts in the Netherlands. The action is just for you as this will be our wedding gift. The action extends to all members of your family, friends and invitees.
We will help you to:
- organize your ceremony in one of the castles located in the Netherlands
- to spend an unforgettable romantic honeymoon
- choose a restaurant or banquet hall
- services toastmaster and DJ
- entertainment
- photographer and photo shoot
We offer wedding services at any level and any price category from budget ceremonies to exclusive projects:
- make-up and bridal bouquet
- costume and thematic ceremony
- rent: castle, boat, villa, cottage, helicopter
- floristry and decoration of the ceremony, celebration, banquet rooms at the hotel

If you have started preparations for the wedding or already have conducted one, the best wedding gift for the newly weds and the participants of this celebration will be a happy honeymoon tour in the Netherlands, or a tour in one of the Benelux countries. Tours to Holland offers luxurious, dazzling, honeymoon in Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a city of cultural and historical values ​​of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Squares, palaces, embankments and insanely beautiful flowers and festivals in the royal garden all is available in this amazing city. Dozens of pairs of newlyweds come to one of the most romantic cities in Europe, where they have the opportunity to start their own love story and celebrate the most important event of their life in the city of freedom.