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Museum NEMO

NEMO - the largest scientific center in the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam.
Architectural design of the building owned by Renzo Piyano (Renzo Piano). NEMO is located near the Central Station in Amsterdam and the Maritime Museum.

In the lobby there is a small cafeteria and souvenir shop, which sells small-scale models of some amusement NEMO, such as a giant set of dominoes and experiments with DNA.
First floor
The main themes of the first floor are the DNA and chain reactions. There is a room with a giant dominoes with such ingenious designs, like a giant bell and a flying car. In addition, on the ground floor you can see a half-hour show, demonstrating the long chain reaction.


Second floor
On the second floor is the factory balls. Applicants to the conveyor small plastic balls, parties should be grouped according to weight, size and color, and then send the package to the point where they will be placed in small metal box. In addition, on the second floor there is a small coffee shop and showroom, which hosts a variety of scientific activities and movies are shown. Also on the second floor of the exhibition devoted to the cycling of water, electricity, metals and buildings.




Third floor
The third floor is a giant scientific laboratory in which people have the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments, for example, to test the vitamin C in certain substances and to look at DNA. There is also a small section devoted to money and business.
Fourth floor
On the fourth floor there is a section dedicated to the human brain. You can hold a memory test, the brain and the senses. The fourth floor is quite dark, which adds to the mystique surrounding environment.
Fifth floor (top tier)
The fifth floor is a cafeteria, a playground and a magnificent view of the surrounding cities